Sustainability comes in a number of forms when applied to the design of a building. We should look beyond the more obvious physical installations that can allow nature to run our buildings such as photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, rainwater tanks and greywater systems to name a few.

Our architecture at Studio Leith extends to explore the passive design opportunities of any site and how we can create spaces that are naturally comfortable for the end user. To do this, we must consider the following principles and queries as a minimum:

Natural ventillation

From what direction are prevailing breezes coming onto our site? Do they circulate through our building? What glazing strategies do we have in place for cross ventilation?


What is the sun path for this site? How do we locate key accommodation spaces to ensure sunlight intake? How do we control natural lighting at certain times of the day?

Thermal mass

What is the local climate like? Does our building have the ability to store heat and release it internally during winter? Does this involve certain structural, glazing or insulation materials?

Social interaction

Between what rooms is it critical to have formal connections for the end user? Are there areas that need to be segregated from others? Can we use materiality to engage & connect certain spaces?

You will see evidence of these above techniques within ourĀ projects section.