Adapting to new technologies within the architectural profession is a driving force behind Studio Leith’s operations. We actively participate in current trends that are leading the way in terms of innovation in the building industry.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The ability to have all design consultants working interactively within one design software model on a certain building increases the accuracy and productivity of the entire project. Whether it be an architect, engineer or a manufacturer, the opportunity to overlay design specifics for the purposes spatial capacity & eventual clash detection onsite helps to eliminate guesswork.


Constructing a building (or parts of a building) offsite is proving to be a growing trend for the construction sector. Having the ability to build within a controlled factory environment offers efficiencies in scale, detail accuracy and trade quality. Through detailed documentation and advanced communication with installation teams onsite, more and more building elements (structure, services & finishes) are being produced offsite within panels & cassette structures that form complete wall, floor and roof systems once placed onsite.

Full volumetric modular

As a step further than prefabrication, many developers are turning to modular construction in order to reduce build costs and time spent onsite. By producing a fully complete room with associated structure in a factory environment, these modules can be transported to site and assembled to form the final building.

You will see evidence of these above techniques within our projects section.