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“Wyong Residence”

Not afraid of bold contrasting features, our client embraced a contemporary palette of materials within carefully designed volumes that combined to create striking interiors.


New Residential dwelling house

Single storey in Central Coast, NSW, Australia
House Suburb: Wyong

Builder: MW Building
Photography: Edge Commercial Photography

About this client’s build

With close neighbours on both sides and a northern orientation towards the street, there were design challenges to overcome here. The response was to develop a living zone with a three-way aspect that offered northern light intake, privacy from neighbours and a seamless indoor-outdoor rear yard connection. Through dedicated high level glazing, directional blade walls and large retractable sliding doors we were able to achieve this.

Not only did we have to draw sunlight deep into the floorplan, we also wanted to store it via thermal mass thus allowing it to release heat into the night during the cold winter season. The dedicated reverse brick veneer wall does just that and also doubles to provide a striking backdrop to all living spaces and one that draws the eye from the front entry of the home out to the rear yard and away from adjoining properties.

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The Australian climate demands a specific response from its buildings. We will ensure that site orientation, sunlight paths, optimum views, prevailing breezes, thermal mass opportunities, privacy & environmental hazards are solved by your External Facades, thus activating internal space.

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